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Standards facilitate improvement, reduce business risks, support sustainable practices, and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

Stand out from the healthcare crowd with this just released ISO standard 22956: 2021 Healthcare organization management – Requirements for patient-centred staffing. Will your organization be one of the first to be certified?

Anticipated benefits of implementation and certification include:


  • Enhanced patient experience;
  • Improved compliance with statutory, regulatory and professional requirements;
  • Increased transparency and increased accountability;
  • Improved staffing outcomes (e.g., recruitment, loyalty of talent, staffing gaps, salaries, skill mix requirements);
  • Management of a range of clinical and other service risks.


  • Reductions in fatigue, burnout and sickness rates;
  • Better staff retention and lowered attrition;
  • Improved job satisfaction.


  • Greater visibility of staff at all levels;
  • More effective meeting of patient needs;
  • Better quality of service;
  • Improved outcomes (e.g., falls, healthcare-associated infection rates, public health data: medical and medication errors, patient mortality, hospital readmissions, lengths of stay).

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Standards under development are not yet part of the accredited ANAB scopes