Demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

Prove to the world how much you care

At the Healthcare Standards Institute (HSI), we know that you care about patient outcomes and satisfaction. You care about responsible resource utilization, risk management, compliance, and your workforce. You make decisions every day to improve your processes and results. HSI knows you care. Do your patients, customers, workforce, investors, stakeholders and the communities where you work also know? Certification from the Healthcare Standards Institute is the most effective way to show them your commitment to excellence.

Benefits of Certification

Standards serve as a foundation for services, processes, or product development. They facilitate improvement, reduce business risks, encourage innovation, and support sustainable practices. They are a tool for consumers to understand and compare competing products and services, and often lead to a competitive edge. Standards can be nationally or internationally adopted, facilitating national and international collaboration.

Established benefits to healthcare organizations include:

  • Improved patient and staff safety
  • Long term cost reduction
  • Better health services integration
  • Increased public confidence
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of health services
  • Catalyst of innovation
  • Streamlined information management
  • Effective relationship with stakeholders

Steps to certification