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The Healthcare Standards Institute certification body operates under a management system in compliance with ISO 17065. Therefore, we have strong measures in place to ensure the impartiality of our work. Some of these measures include signed policies and declarations, signed impartiality contracts with auditors, procedures for confidentiality and impartiality, an Impartiality Committee, and a Risk Register where risks to impartiality are identified, classified and controlled. The implementation of our control measures are verified through both internal and external audits, and discussed during a formal management review process.

Complaint and Appeal

Our desire is that you are completely satisfied with your certification experience, and we will work hard to make that a reality. However, we realize that circumstances may arise where you would like to communicate a concern. HSI has procedures for both complaints and appeals. Please use the below resources for more information.

Complaint Form

Appeal Request

For complaint or appeal information you can email HSI at:

There will be no blame or action(s) taken against a person or a group who chooses to file a complaint or appeal.

Will you help us improve our service and processes? Please send any comments or ideas to:

Certification Documentation

Procedure for Granting, Maintaining, Extending or Reducing Scope, Suspending, Withdrawing, or Reinstating Certification

HSI celebrates your impressive certification accomplishment, and we want you to promote it. Please follow these guidelines when displaying your hard-earned certification logo: Procedure for Use of HSI Certification Logo

Client Registry

To verify certification, contact HSI via email at:

Please have the company name and/or certificate number available.

Access to the Healthcare Management System Certification process is available regardless of the client’s financial status or membership of any association or group, nor is certification conditional upon the number of certifications already held by a client. HSI shall make its services accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within HSI‘s scope of its operations and shall confine its activities to the compliance assessment, review, decision, and ongoing surveillance specifically related to a client’s management system certification or accreditation.