Training & Thought Leadership

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”― John F. Kennedy


HSI Foundation delivers robust training solutions which include on-site training, virtual classrooms, and e-learning modules. Whether you want your staff to be the experts on a specified standard, or you want to effectively prepare for the assessment and certification process, HSI Foundation has a training solution for you. We even provide internal auditor training so that your own staff leads your journey towards excellence.

Wherever you are in the improvement journey, or looking to enhance your current knowledge and skills, our Educational Team of Excellence is here to provide guidance and answers to your questions.

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Thought Leadership Roundtable

In today’s healthcare management world, changes and developments are happening at an accelerated pace that requires constant updating and rethinking. The HSI Foundation aims to convert information and knowledge into tangible benefits for patients and healthcare organizations.

The Thought Leadership Roundtable invitational provides an opportunity for technical experts within academia, public administration, societal organizations, business, and the industry ecosystem, to discuss the most significant issues that influence innovations in healthcare organization management.

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